Why coworking?

Here are a few things we love about coworking...

1.  You get out of the house!

2.  You meet other freelancers or homeworkers - those awesome, like-minded entrepreneurial individuals in the creative industries.  

3.  With other people around you, in a community of coworkers, you get inspired and motivated to do really great work. And your projects and ideas finally get wings!

4.  You might start to collaborate with other people around you. Someone might even hire you to do some work for them. Or, you might just decide to invent the next big thing together.

5.  You have new friends and someone to share a coffee with. Much better than talking to the cat all day long.

A few extra things...

a.  There's a desk you can call your own that's NOT the kitchen table.

b.  There's a new creative buzz and atmosphere around you.

c.  There's free WIFI.  

d.  Somewhere you feel like you belong.

e.  Our coworking community will be where everybody wants to work.

There are many more benefits of coworking, which is why it's just so damn awesome.
What do you love about coworking?  Share it with us and we'll pin it to our wall.

To be continued...